How Band of Boys love fashion and the planet

Here’s how we love fashion and the planet

I’m proud to say that through our design we don’t just think about the end result, we also think about the impact that each piece will have not only on the environment, but on every person who contributes to the journey of each idea coming to life. As a company we are committed to being honest and taking responsibility for operating a business that continuously improves and treats everyone who interacts with our business with respect.

Before that cool new outfit arrived in your store, it was harvested, spun, dyed, cut, sewn, assembled and packed by many hands. Consider that everyone in this chain deserves to make a fair wage, so it should be no surprise that our prices aren't at the bottom end of the market. Each piece is created with integrity and kindness from the highest-quality materials we can source, while still trying to make our garments affordable.

We take a considered approach to creativity, reflecting on how each piece might be worn, layered and styled before adding it in to our range - we take a mindful and slow approach to design, and producing only what is needed as part of our slow fashion ethos.

We certainly still have a long way to go in our ethical journey, but every day we are looking at new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Here’s a little bit below on what we are doing, and we would love to hear if you have any additional suggestions.

Susan x


The people we interact with are the most important part of our business, whether that be our employees, customers or suppliers. We have the utmost respect for everyone who contributes to Band of Boys + The Girl Club and are committed to ensuring our partnerships are mutually beneficial.


We take great care in the selection of our factory partners, and we keep working conditions and ethical practices a forefront priority when we make a decision to take on a new partner. We aim to build long-term strong personal relationships with our factory owners to ensure their factory's integrity and we visit our friends as often as we can, while also taking into consideration the impact of our international travel on the environment. We are committed to respecting and valuing the rights of workers in all countries and believe in the right to fair and safe workplace conditions.

We are dedicated to quality manufacturing, we don't look for the cheapest suppliers, we choose to partner with factories who are committed to making high quality garments and who are interested in working with us on continuous improvement; so, you know that all of your Band of Boys + The Girl Club pieces will last your customers through a number of seasons.

Using more eco-friendly materials is a big focus for us. We currently use sustainable materials where we can and we are committed to having conversations with our suppliers and staying educated. Through this process we are also very conscious about maintaining a price point that is still workable.

Old Stock, samples + seconds are limited as we only produce what we need. We don’t have a warehouse full of dead stock, which means we won’t ever need to dump anything in to landfill.

Our garments are all individually bagged in Biodegradable polybags to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. Our goal is to reduce the use of all non-eco-friendly plastics and unnecessary packaging over the next 18 months.

Our Swing tags and other packaging is consciously made from cardboard and are attached to the garments with a cotton string and safety pin. From the AW22 season we will be eliminating the safety pin altogether, this may seem like a tiny change, but these are numerous and account for a substantial amount over a year.

We are currently sourcing kraft paper tape to use when we pack your orders. We have also asked all of our supplier partners to use kraft paper tape when sending any cartons to us. This may seem a small change to some, but it’s big to us!

All of the goodies that leave our warehouse are in either Kraft paper bags, 100% compostable courier bags or cardboard boxes that are reusable and recyclable.